Building the Pyramid

Building the Pyramid is the original leadership and growth publication written by John Stein, Founder of The Winning Formula. The book has been awarded 'Management Book of the Year' status by the Chartered Management Institute. The competition is held by the CMI in-conjunction with Henley Business School and the British Library. This website has been produced to highlight the rationale behind the book's production and the benefits of sharing it with people connected with all ambitious, growing and successful organisations. Building the Pyramid describes the human performance challenges facing organisations on their unique growth and how future success can be achieved by using John's Winning Formula performance framework. The book is a first in the publishing world - a management book written for managers and non-managers. The messages and themes covered in Building the Pyramid are inspirational, powerful and relevant in today's changing, uncertain and competitive world.


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Benefits of The Book


Delivering Growth

All leaders dream of building a successful, growing and sustainable organisation. Likewise, their teams dream of being part of the same workplace experience. No one nowadays wants to work for, or be part of, a failing organisation.

Success and growth are the biggest discussion areas in any boardroom, in any company, anywhere on the planet. In today’s highly competitive world, the cost of failure is high, but the benefits associated with success can change people’s lives.

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Leadership Development

Navigating the landscape has become the new core requirement of the 21st century leader. To support this need, meet the challenges ahead and deliver success, a more flexible, adaptable leadership approach is needed to keep everyone connected with the organisation on track – a framework that adapts to changing conditions on the journey.

Building the Pyramid demonstrates the practical, powerful and inspirational use of the winning (formula)® framework in the workplace.

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Inspiring Change

Change is often required when an organisation wishes to embark on a new journey; the appointment of a new leader, a change in strategic direction, acquisition or the need for a fresh start, for example. Growth and change are also inextricably linked. You can not have one without the other.

Building the Pyramid demonstrates the reasons for change on the organisation’s journey and offers valuable leadership lessons focusing on overcoming resistance to change in the workplace.

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What people are saying about the book


“Whilst there are many Management books in the market, none that I am aware of wrap the whole BUSINESS GROWTH JOURNEY framework into an insightful, interesting and pragmatic story like BUILDING THE PYRAMID by John Stein.

He has found a unique way of simplifying, into 6 key stages, the multifarious components involved in engaging an organisation to achieve a common goal – namely Growth!

As a company with over 40 x locations across the UK, we have found this framework essential in guiding our people towards gap Personnel’s £100m sales target – which we achieved in 2014!

If you are a leader, serious about Growth, this is a “must read”, but be prepared to be challenged…”


“Building the Pyramid is a leadership book with a difference – a parable set in ancient Egypt – and offers an insight into the dynamics of a journey and how success can be achieved.

People often learn best through storytelling and the pyramid-building metaphor is used creatively to deliver leadership lessons which apply as much in today’s world as they did thousands of years ago in the land of the Pharaohs.

Building the Pyramid is ideal for forward-thinking leaders, particularly those with an entrepreneurial focus. HR professionals will also benefit from the insight it offers about the role of the leader on the journey and the use of John Stein’s winning formula framework in helping to inspire, manage and deliver change.

Building the Pyramid is a thought-provoking, accessible and enjoyable read. The first step to gaining wisdom is realising that we may not have it. The publication will ask lots of rich questions about your own journey and help you to identify many of the answers.”


“Building the Pyramid  – a CMI ‘Management Book of the Year.”  Chartered Management Institute, Henley Business School and the British Library

“An excellent teaching tool.” Charles Handy, Business Philosopher

“Our verdict – a FIVE STAR RATING. In contrast to the many heavyweight business books, the style of the book is easy to get into and would work well as a teaching aid for managers in any organisation.”  Talk Business Magazine

“Stein has certainly done his historical homework, but it’s in the small nuggets of general management wisdom where he’s most enlightening.”  CIPD People Management Magazine

“Unusual but quirky! the book brings into play issues as diverse as cultural awareness, commitment issues and developing tactical and operational approaches to dealing with moving the journey along and this is supported by a range of materials late in the book from case studies to ‘fifty important points to remember to deliver success on the journey.’”  HR Network Scotland Magazine